mandag 4. juli 2016

We MADE it to Edale

Yesterday we started up from Torside/Crowden in a beatiful weather.It staid like this all day.Incredible some of the landscape  we went through.
We had called a few days before and booked in a camping barn, that we thought was the same as a Bunkbarn. IT WAS NOT!
We ended up in a re-decorated stabel on the neked wooden floor."Well we are not the only ones that ended up in a stabel when the Inn was full".We where lucky that we still had the sleping bags , 1 madrass and the cooking gear still with us.It has been a "hard" night.
We where , not surprisingly , early up and went the remaning 2 km to Edale and bought a big english breakfast before we head to Manchester.
The old man will come back with some final word when he is home with his computer.

lørdag 2. juli 2016

Diggle to Torside/Crowden

This has been a heavy leg to walk.Spesially becauce all the water that came yesterday evening and all day today.Muddy and wet. Impossible to cross the creeks without just walking just in it. Is now at a very nice B&B in Torside.Called the old house.
Tomorrow is our last day at the Pennine Way.
EDALE here we come

fredag 1. juli 2016

Hebden Bridge to Diggle

Windy, cold,rain, more rain, more wind, more rain , lightning , thunder ,hailstorm, more rain, more wind, and in between some sun , and we walked 30 km in this.
Now only two days left. Can we have som sun please?

torsdag 30. juni 2016

Haworth to Hebden Bridge

Not any big disaster today.Stay at a B&B with a lady that loves flowers.  And in Haworth and the hills above , if was referenses to the Bronte sisters and their writing.

onsdag 29. juni 2016


Arrived here yesterday.The Blog leg from Alma Inn was not possible to public.Do not ask me why. It might be possible to post from the PC later ?
Today we took the steamtrain to Keighley.I had found a star center near the railwaystation on google .So we went there and talked to a surprice guard .This happened to be the College in town and the guard got a teacher who showed us the star senter.We where suppose to book time there ahead, but since we came from Norway and he had some time......Guess if there was 3 children that was glad astronaut's today.

søndag 26. juni 2016

Gargrave to Elslack (Thornton in Graven)

The best is to hold hands with a big sister when the woods gets to scary.

Walk from Gargrave to near by Thornton in Graven today

Resting day yesterday.Walked only 7 km.then.Was back in Malham Cove with the Harry Potter fans.Think they enjoy that, Even if they had not seen this film yet.Must rad the book first :).Now soon backsack on everybody, small and big.