mandag 13. juni 2016

Bellingham to Hadrians Wall

Another day with a more or less constant drizzle of rain. Good temperature, and all members of the group are more or less back in shape.

The walk from Bellingham starts through the village streets, but soon turns up into the green hills.

Farm between Bellingham and Hadrian's wall.
Very nice and dry in fine weather, but in rain, everything gets heavier and somewhat slippery.

This was the big fence climbing day. How many gates we opened, and how many stone walls, fences, wood- and stone stairs we climbed I do not know, but probably more than 20. There is a BIG difference between England and Scotland here: In Scotland I hardy ever saw barbed wires. Today, nearly every fence had at least one, and even some of the stairs and gates had barbed wire that could cut our fingers or tear up gear. WHY??? Is there some kind of high security institution in the area?
Crossing one of the few "friendly" fences between Bellingham and Hadrian's wall.

Next report will probably be from Alston in two days (Thursday 16th).

So long

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