fredag 10. juni 2016

Kirk Yetholm was hard to find!!!

Just woke up in Kirk Yetholm, and the brafast womwn really wants me to come... Guess I have to Write more AFTRE breakfast :-)
Vacation seems to be busy times...

Last night we had a quite exiting ride from Glasgow ad up her. The bus driver din't know about any connecting bus from Kelso, and had never heared about The Pennine way. In fact he din't even know there was a Place called Kirk Yetholm. Luckyli I had studied the map, and Trine and her troops had done a good job: They could guid us in to the correct location.
Anyway, we are no fresh and good to go. The plan says 20 kms, possibly 25 if we feel for it. Today we hae a klimb at the start, but after that it looks Nice and flat.

Not much more to say, really. Spirits are high, and the weather seems to be on our side.

Next posting will be from Hadeian's wall om Monday.

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