søndag 12. juni 2016

From Kirk Yetholm to Byrness (and Bellingham)

Hello again on sunday, June 12th.
I see that I was pretty dis-orientated last
time: I managed to write we had traveled
from Glassgow, but the truth is we landed
in Edinburg...
The walk from Kirk Yetholm to Byrnes was 45
km. According to plan, this was split in
two. The first night (Friday) we camped in
the fog near Windy Gyle. Lack of
drinkingwater made two of us klimb all the
way down to to  the vally and filtered some
water from a creek. Laboursome, but
necessary. Quite nice temperature, but the
fog was thick, and we coud never see more
than 5 min. walk ahead. The only exception
was 5 minutes while at the highest point
near Mt. Cheviot. Thre, for 10 min, the beautifull green
hills of Scotland was displayed like in a
Saturday came with rain and more fog. The
day was a bit too much for one in the
group, so we slowed down a bit, and came to
Byrnes late in the evening. During the day
we crossed the border from England to
Scottland and back again all the time,
walked up and down hillsides that I assume
are strikingly beautiful and allmday hoped
that the fog would lift. That did not
No accomodations down in Byrnes, so we
camped by the river. So did 10,000,000,000
This day was not so good, and a lot
different from what we had planned: One of
us had some physical problems, and as we
are a group traveling together, we phoned a
taxi instead of walking. That taxi took us
from Byrnes to Bellingham, where we checked
in to Riverside Hall Hotel.
The rest of the day was spent shopping,
eating and drinking to get fit for tomorrow
(Monday). Spirits are higher now, in the
evening, and we really beleve wi can
continue over the hills and down to Twice
brewed Inn at Hadrians wall tomorrow.

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