tirsdag 14. juni 2016

Tuesday 2016-06-14; Twice Brewed inn (Hadrian's Wall) => Greenhead.

Believe it or not: I'm now sitting in a church with the distinct smell of hiking boots, and two of the group members asleep beside me!!!

This morning we woke up to blue sky and a breathtaking view of a landscape as green and beautiful you can only find it in postcards. After a full breakfast served by the friendly staff at the inn, we came out and found that the sun had once again disappeared behind dark clouds...
The plan for the day was to walk along Hadrian's wall, and have lunch at Greenhead before turning left and head in the direction of Alston. Somewhere along the Alston path we wanted to set up our camp for the night.
Adrian and Eirik at Hadrian's wall.

I very soon found that yesterday's 27 km walk throng mud and wet, slippery grass with far too heavy backpack, had taken its toile. My entire body protested, and there were no energy resources. The same proved to be case for other members of the group. For my self, I can say I could have killed for a bed with a soft madras.
A quick telephone action, gave no result. Greenhead isn't exactly a big place. The bunk barn was full, so was the hotel an the inn. A bit low in spirit we headed for the pub to have some lunch.

That was when the miracle women Anne hit bull's eye. She saw a sign saying "hostel", and true enough: The local bar administrated a hostel in a shutdown church. That is why I now sit in a church writing. Anne is asleep to my left, and Eirik just yawned from the bunk to my right.

Church hostel in Greenhead.

The entire group is worn down, and need some time for restitution. Therefore we have decided to walk on tomorrow, but only as far as we feel for. Luckily there is a bus service along the road through the valley, so we can lust head for the nearest bus stop whenever we feel enough is enough.

Alston and the planned day of rest: Here we come!


All countryside in England i rigged to serve as prison camps as well...

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