onsdag 8. juni 2016

On our way.

We are now at Gardermoen airport, and the first small jump from Aalesund landed 15 min ahead of time.
Finally we have internet, and can read updates about the strike. Looks good so far. Both the airline and the airport authorities ask us to look for information at their web sites, but at the Aalesund airport the internet has ever been working...

News from the advance party in Scotland says weather in Scotland is fantastic, but I can't say the same about the forecast... Never mind. We are used to rain, so as long as the roads aren't flooded, it's OK.
We have also been informed the latest bus from Edinb. to Kirk Yetholm leavs at 15:00. That should not be a problem, provided SAS can get there on time. Previous experience gives reason to doubt just that, but for now it looks promising.
Now a super fast breakfast before entering the plane for Stockholm.

Yes, I know. It is strange to og east when the detination is west of us. However, Swedish prises being 1/4 of Norwegian, is a convincing argument for me!

Now chocholate milk an sweet bread for breakfast. This I Call vacation :-)

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